Mission Statement

Holy Family Church is a community of believers whom the Lord our God has called to do His work. Under the protection of the Holy Family and the spiritual guidance of the Franciscans, we continue the traditions that have kept our Atrisco community strong.

Our faith in Jesus and our love for one another call us to:

  • Worship and honor our Lord and to pray for one another

  • Thank God for our blessings

  • Feed and nurture; by teaching, counseling, helping and protecting

  • Be strong, love, encourage and welcome the young, new, and broken members.

     We commit ourselves to building a hopeful future for our community by confronting, in the light of the Gospel, the problems related to drug and alcohol abuse, poverty, gangs, immigration and the hardships that come with urban growth in a multi-cultural setting.

     By living our lives in the manner that God wants us to, we give our families, our community, and our world glimpses of what God is like, and an experience of God's Kingdom here on earth. 

©2018 by Holy Family Church.

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