Parish Staff

Secretaries: Jessie Garcia, Judy Gomez, Anna Musciotto and

Adrian Quezada -

Employed Since - November, 2014

Ministries - Youth Group, Eucharistic Minister, Usher, Lector, Altar Servers, Catechist

Talents and Hobbies - Dancing and playing guitar 

Religious Education: 505-842-5448  Director: Karen Mitchell

Religious Education Email:


Josefa Tarin - 

Employed Since - June, 2006

Ministries - Youth Group, Alter Servers, Eucharistic Minister and wherever i am needed in our parish.

Talents and Hobbies - Love to dance & spend time with my children

Music Director: Jeff Rhodes


Heralio Madrid - 

Employed Since - 8/15/2015

Ministries -  Ministro de la eucarística, RICA, Franciscanos Seglar

Talents and Hobbies -  Temista, Construir, ayudar a otros y agricultura.

Other -  En mi tiempo de tres años en la iglesia, se a reconstruido el techo en main salon, el parque banquetas arboles parqueadero y refrigeración.

Alberto Rios - 

Youth Group: Youth Minister Adrian Quezada ,Youth Coordinator Sofia Luna,Youth Advisor Josefa Tarin 

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